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Day #6 The Final Word | Paula Hays

Are you ready for this, folks? What I’m about to say may surprise you. I love to fast. Does that sound crazy? I do. I love to fast. I love to have a set aside time where it’s just me and just God and I can put every ounce of energy into one thing. SpendingRead more

Day #4 Awakened | by Jodie Frye

Fasting. It’s hard and unnatural. Exposing and emptying. And I am far from disciplined in it. However, last year during Lent, the Father graciously opened my heart and soul more to the practice ~ and beauty ~ of fasting. And it has slowly become more of a desire, as I have seen its cleansing, freeing,Read more

Day #3 Fasting Will Change Your Life | by Annaliese Higgins

Fasting. Anyone cringe or panic when they read or hear this word? I admit, I always have a little bit of this, even still. However, the Lord has brought me a long way in this journey and relationship with fasting and I see it much more as a way to forge deeper with my SaviorRead more