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Episode #2- The 12 Jobs of a Dad

This week’s podcast is one of my favorites. Ok, probably I will and do say this about all of them, but it’s true! I’m so blessed to get to talk to some phenomenal folks living life wholeheartedly. I’ve known Rob Stennett for over 19 years and he has been a friend who’s sure to bringRead more

Simply Wholehearted Podcast

It’s up on iTunes! Kelly Snyder from Adore Your Wardrobe explains that it’s all about  math and science to make your clothes work right for you. Take a little time and money to invest in yourself. It’s often the simple things, like a comfortable and put together outfit that can make it a much better day!Read more

Soul Time Inventory

What’s a girl to do?! So much to do, so little time. This is why we’ve put together our Soul Time Inventory. What actually satisfies us and what we give our free minutes to, are often are at drastic odds. How often do we find ourselves lost in the rabbit hole of social media? Instead of reading,Read more