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Episode #4- Soprano Trouble and Alto Secrets : )

This week’s conversation is with my fun and lovely co-host, Ashley Pittman. We are chatting with Victoria Kimble, author of the new series; The Choir Girls. Book #1 Soprano Trouble is a new favorite for both my girls and book #2 Alto Secrets releases this Friday April, 14th 2017! Victoria is a wife, busy mom to three youngRead more

Day #5

Jump in with Day #5 of our 21 Day Challenge! Even if you wrote one affirmation on a sticky note for your kiddos lunch box, it’s more valuable than you might realize.Read more

Day #4

Savor a few extra minutes with those you love. Take time to notice the qualities you appreciate which makes them uniquely special to you! Catch up on our 21 Day Challenge by listening to the Simply Wholehearted Podcast on iTunes. Get the full 21 Day List * indicates required Email Address * First NameRead more

Day #3

This parenting gig often requires continuous correction from our mouths. Some days it’s easier than others to appreciate the seemingly small & simple things our kids do which bring us a measure of happiness. Even if it’s playing with their legos, riding their bike or going to school with a good attitude. Take a minuteRead more