#40 Make Your Move | a conversation with Lynn Cowell

Are you tired of the roller coaster of emotions about rejection and failure?  Lynn Cowell has a passion to help equip others with the truth of how to find true confidence that can handles the ups and downs of normal life.  Her book is full of stories about women in the Word whose love forRead more

#39 What’s Holding You Back? | a conversation with *spider killer* Carlos Whittaker

  When Carlos got dropped off at a group therapy center for 7 days, without a single connection to the outside world, he had no idea what he would face, but he came out a changed man. A free man. “You can’t just clear away the cobwebs,” says Whittaker. “You have to find the spider—theRead more

Day #6 The Final Word | Paula Hays

Are you ready for this, folks? What I’m about to say may surprise you. I love to fast. Does that sound crazy? I do. I love to fast. I love to have a set aside time where it’s just me and just God and I can put every ounce of energy into one thing. SpendingRead more

Day #9

Some prayers our kids might hear from us every night, others are whispered as they sleep or before they rise. There is so much desire for them, how about letting them know what’s closest to your heart. Get all 21 Day’s by signing up here! * indicates required Email Address * First NameRead more

Day #8

Find out more about our 21 Day Challenge on the Simply Wholehearted Podcast on iTunes. It’s harder some days than others to find the best in those which might frustrate us the most. Speak the good anyway!Read more