#27 Stolen Jesus | a conversation with author Jami Amerine

Hi friends! I can’t wait for you to meet Jami. Authentic, transparent and really wants others to see Jesus for who He really is. And before you throw away your headphones because of the strange popping noise the the background… well…. let’s just say it’s us, not you : ) This conversation is certainly worthRead more

Ep #26 Heart of the Psalmist | a conversation with music artists Ben Pasley and Karla Adolphe

Hi friends! Today’s conversation….Talking about stepping away from the interior hustle and finding more space for creativity. This thought provoking conversation was so rich as they shared about relaunching their music careers and authentic relationship with the Lord. “Creativity can be as simple as putting two new spices together and trying something new in theRead more

Ep #25 Life in the Passenger Seat | a conversation with Stephanie Dulin

Today’s conversation….If you are in need of being reminded that God is still in the business of doing miracles you’ll be blessed to hear today’s amazing stories from Stephanie Dulin. She shares how the Lord was in the details of their 3 adoptions (and another in the works), what prompted them to start their adoptionRead more

Ep #24 The Gift of Being Hidden | a conversation with author Sara Hagerty

Hi friends! Rock next summer like a superstar by taking a few minutes to print off this record-what-you-learned seasonal evaluation. Today’s conversation…..She’s the kinda friend who puts your name bigger on the book study guide than her name is on the actual book. Sara Hagerty has been a true friend and one I’ve been thrilledRead more

Taking Note of Last Season

What did you love about your summer? What didn’t quite go as you planned? Here are a few writing prompts to help you process your last season with your family. These can help you plan your best summer next year or make sure you repeat all the best things you did this year.   TakingRead more