Day #1 That Which Truly Satisfies | by Amy Wicks

Fasting. Ugh. The very word evokes gaunt, emaciated figures, pain, lack, emptiness. Not very intriguing or compelling is it? At some point my comprehension of the word, fasting, began to shift in my mind and heart. It wasn’t immediate by any means. Still to often my perspective still needs tweaking and adjustment towards the callRead more

Day #10

Half way through! How’s your 21 Day Challenge going? Reading aloud with your kids can create a special bond which can last a lifetime. If you can’t remember a favorite, begin to read a new one tonight. Get the 21 Day Challenge Here! Email Address First NameRead more

Day #9

Some prayers our kids might hear from us every night, others are whispered as they sleep or before they rise. There is so much desire for them, how about letting them know what’s closest to your heart. Get all 21 Day’s by signing up here! * indicates required Email Address * First NameRead more

Day #8

Find out more about our 21 Day Challenge on the Simply Wholehearted Podcast on iTunes. It’s harder some days than others to find the best in those which might frustrate us the most. Speak the good anyway!Read more

Day #7

Go find a reason to make your kids laugh or smile & let them know why you enjoy it so much!Read more