Day #5 What I’ve Learned About Fasting | Bethanee Riddle

I have learned so much about fasting from this week's posts. Here is a bit of my perspective and experience. If it seems… Posted by Simply Wholehearted on Friday, January 12, 2018Read more

Day #4 Awakened | by Jodie Frye

Fasting. It’s hard and unnatural. Exposing and emptying. And I am far from disciplined in it. However, last year during Lent, the Father graciously opened my heart and soul more to the practice ~ and beauty ~ of fasting. And it has slowly become more of a desire, as I have seen its cleansing, freeing,Read more

#34 Our Starting Place | a conversation with author Kristen Kill

Hi friends! I can’t wait for you to meet Kristen. She is truly as sweet as she sounds, authentic, kind and really lives her newest book message well. She has her hands and heart full with 5 kids whom she homeschools, keeping house and trying new recipes. She is one who I would say livesRead more

Day #3 Fasting Will Change Your Life | by Annaliese Higgins

Fasting. Anyone cringe or panic when they read or hear this word? I admit, I always have a little bit of this, even still. However, the Lord has brought me a long way in this journey and relationship with fasting and I see it much more as a way to forge deeper with my SaviorRead more

Day #2 Why We Fast | by Ashley Pittman

Hey y’all! This is Ashley, jumping on to talk a little about WHY we fast. Feel free to either read or watch the video. The content is almost identical. For the last 10 years the churches I’ve been part of have begun the year with 21 days of prayer and fasting. This was totally newRead more