#18 Season 2: New Music, New Guests and a Giveaway!

Hi friends! I’m so thrilled to finally bring you our new season of conversations. So many fun things happening in our Simply Wholehearted world. Forgive the sound level differences, we are learning lots of new things over here! Be sure and check out Enter the Worship Circle’s newest album, Down Here and Up Above writtenRead more

#15 and #16 Preventing Summer Brain Drain: A conversation with Dawna Ofstehage (our fav librarian!)

Be sure and stay tuned to hear about Dawna’s really cool bluetooth hearing aids and the dramatic reason she needs them. We’ve invited our favorite librarian onto the show to share about how to better use your local library. Whether you live in the Johnson County. KS area or not, you are sure to learnRead more

#14 Midsummer Check-in: a conversation between Ashley Pittman and Amy Wicks

Have you heard of the Super Summer Challenge, but didn’t have time to create one? Don’t worry, summer is only halfway over! The Simply Summer Workshop was written and designed to help you plan your best summer yet. Ashley was still in the process of planning hers so I shared some tips and tricks I’veRead more

A Radiant Kids Super Summer Challenge

Are you enjoying the Radiant Kids Super Summer Challenge? Here’s your own blank copy of the bingo chart for your own Super Summer Challenge ideas.  If your looking for more ideas (50 free boredom busters) or help creating your own Super Summer Challenge, just click on this link for more information. Find inspiration and encouragementRead more

#11-Creating a Simply Summer: inspiration for your best summer yet

Linda Wicks created the Super Summer Challenge for her three kids over 30 years ago and many of us proudly carry on this fun tradition with a few twists. The Griffiths family have planned a Super Summer Challenge for the last 7 summers. Each year it’s been different, adapted to their needs and time frame.Read more