Day #2 Why We Fast | by Ashley Pittman

Hey y’all! This is Ashley, jumping on to talk a little about WHY we fast. Feel free to either read or watch the video. The content is almost identical. For the last 10 years the churches I’ve been part of have begun the year with 21 days of prayer and fasting. This was totally newRead more

Day #1 That Which Truly Satisfies | by Amy Wicks

Fasting. Ugh. The very word evokes gaunt, emaciated figures, pain, lack, emptiness. Not very intriguing or compelling is it? At some point my comprehension of the word, fasting, began to shift in my mind and heart. It wasn’t immediate by any means. Still to often my perspective still needs tweaking and adjustment towards the callRead more

#33 Giving Hope | a conversation with Missy Williams co-founder of Seed Effect

Missy Williams is the co-founder of Seed Effect which has been making a global impact for over 8 years. Seed Effect is bringing economic empowerment and Jesus to the world’s most unstable communities.They help the financially poor to provide for themselves and their family with dignity. She shares some of their amazing testimonies and someRead more

#32 Preparing our Hearts for Christmas | a conversation about Advent with Ian Speir

Advent is the holy season that precedes Christmas, it is a time of hope and expectancy, when Christians prepare their hearts for the coming of Christ. Ashley and I so appreciated this ancient yet fresh (for us) teaching on the church calendar tradition. Just as I am learning to accept the invitation to a rhythm ofRead more

Taking Note of Last Season

What did you love about your summer? What didn’t quite go as you planned? Here are a few writing prompts to help you process your last season with your family. These can help you plan your best summer next year or make sure you repeat all the best things you did this year.   TakingRead more