#11-Creating a Simply Summer: inspiration for your best summer yet

Linda Wicks created the Super Summer Challenge for her three kids over 30 years ago and many of us proudly carry on this fun tradition with a few twists. The Griffiths family have planned a Super Summer Challenge for the last 7 summers. Each year it’s been different, adapted to their needs and time frame.Read more

#10: Passion. Prayer. Purpose. A conversation with Radiant Church Pastors Dan and Amy Perkins

This is our first and certainly not our last conversation with some of our favorite staff of Radiant Church in Kansas City. Jokingly, I like to claim some responsibility for praying this church to our city, but mostly, I’m incredibly grateful to be a part of what the Lord is doing through a new church family.Read more

Family Summer Media Agreement

Thanks for joining my Facebook live about how I create the boundaries for summer media usage. If I left it up to my patience and the kids, they would use it 24-7! This is an example what we are doing this year, but get your own copy to create* your own version. Get your CustomizableRead more

Episode #9- Small Changes can add up to Big Results: a conversation with health coaches Linda Benson and Cyndee Noble

Both Linda and Cyndee found positive life change by make a few small decisions. By taking those first steps they led their families to dramatic results. As health coaches, mamas, and wives they know how hard it is to take time for yourself. Cyndee is also a full-time nurse and pastor’s wife! Yet, especially asRead more

Episode #8- Why We Adore: a conversation with Sara Hagerty

Our lives are made up of lots of seemingly random moments which at the time may be significant or 14 years later you discover deeper meaning in an experience. January of 2016 five women sat around a table at Panera listening to a friend share a pivotal moment in her life. It took place in 2003 on a cowRead more