Episode #7-The Super Summer Challenge an interview with Linda Wicks

Do you love your kids and family, but find it hard to give them the time and attention you desire? Do you work from home and wonder how you can give your kids your best and your job? Finding intentional moment with you kids, but can’t find the time to work on that project youRead more

Simply Wholehearted Podcast #6- Redirect Your Inner Voice

What is the crazy talk running through your mind on a daily basis? Do you get sucked into the comparison game? Comparing your life to snapshots on social media, your neighbor and even your best friend? Do you buy into the negative inner talk which puts you in a downward spiral of frustration or even depression? If weRead more

Podcast #5- The Questions Your Child’s Teacher Wants You to Ask

Are you wondering why your children’s teacher send so much homework after spending all day in their classroom? Do you feel like their summer literature list is too daunting? Would you like to give them a gift, but have no idea what they actually enjoy? We sat down with teachers,  Annaliese Higgins and Mallory Rancudo. Both lovelyRead more

Hello Monday!

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Day #10

Half way through! How’s your 21 Day Challenge going? Reading aloud with your kids can create a special bond which can last a lifetime. If you can’t remember a favorite, begin to read a new one tonight. Get the 21 Day Challenge Here! Email Address First NameRead more