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#40 Make Your Move | a conversation with Lynn Cowell

Are you tired of the roller coaster of emotions about rejection and failure?  Lynn Cowell has a passion to help equip others with the truth of how to find true confidence that can handles the ups and downs of normal life.  Her book is full of stories about women in the Word whose love forRead more

#37 Your Enneagram Coach | a conversation with Beth McCord

What’s the heck is the Enneagram and what can it do for you?  The Enneagram is about becoming your best self and better understanding why you do, what you do. Beth McCord is the industries’ leading expert and incredibly knowledgeable about this fascinating path to lasting change, healthy relationships and understanding the best version ofRead more

#36 A Slob Comes Clean | a conversation with author Dana White

Even if you think you don’t need help with keeping your house clean, I’m betting you will learn something new from Dana White a.k.a Nony from a Slob Comes Clean. She is brutally honest about her struggles with ‘keeping’ house and the journey which has brought her freedom and so many others.  She teaches youRead more